Garage sale in Ramstore mall!

Are you ready for the biggest sale in the city? Everything is ready for the traditional shopping mania in Ramstor Mall known as Garage Sale. From February 6th until February 11th 2018, all prices in Ramstor Mall shall be up to 70% off while t

New Year prize game: Buy, scratch, win!

Be first and unique with Citroen C3 Aircross! During the upcoming holidays and the winter season win one of the 111 prizes of the prize game “Buy, scratch, win!” organized by Ramstor Mall. The latest surprise prepared by Ramstor Mall shall fill

Magic Easter tree

Ramstor Mall in cooperation with the Public Institution-Center for Social Work, the Red Cross of the city of Skopje and Komercijalna banka for the second year in a row is organizing a charity action titled “Magic Easter tree”. This charity action is

Детска театарска претстава „Новогодишна авантура на Брашко“

Дечиња!!! Ве очекуваме утре во со почеток од 11.00 часот на детската театарска претстава „Новогодишната авантура на Брашко“. Детската претстава со работен наслов „ Од зрно до леб “ е краткотраен мјузикл составен од 5 песнички со едукативна содр

Вкусна есенска понуда од одделот за брза храна за месец Ноември

Богата и вксуна понуда за сите гурмани на добрата храна овој месец ноември само во одделот за брза храна на Рамстор мол. За овој есенски и студен месец ноември готвачите од рестораните на Рамстор мол подготвија различни превкусни специјалитети.  В

Orange wave in Ramstore Mall

July – month of the orange wave bringing generous discounts in Ramstore Mall. The orange wave will bring high discounts referring to all brand names in Ramstore Mall and it will freshen you up with discounts up to 50 percents. We have organized

Tasty breakfast in Ramstore Mall for only MKD 99

The restaurants from the fast food department of Ramstore Mall made a great offer for all lovers of good food.  Please come and visit us every day, from 09 AM to 12 PM, and choose your favourite morning menu for only MKD 99. All gourmets will be a


On Friday, at 12 PM, on the first floor of Ramstor Mall, we will celebrate the World Kids Colouring Day, for the 7th consecutive year, organized by Euro Danvest in collaboration with Staedtler. “Funny Animals” will be the topic of the creative wor